Digitised Cameras

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Ideally this would be more detailed, but oh for the time!

To try out the site, you can use the testing account by logging in with "test" and the password "test". If you get an account for real, you will have a personal username and password. Your username and password give your personal database security and privacy. The testing account can be seen by everyone so it is just for you to try out to see how it works. If you like the look of it, use the "Contact" link and ask for your own account (please give your name, email address and preferred username).

Add Camera

When you log in, the best place to start is to click on "Add Camera". When that loads up, put in a few bits of information, as much as you dare!

You can click on the name of each field to get a better description about it. A new box will open up with the description and usually there is an example to help you.

When you press the "Add This Camera" link the information you entered will be checked for validity and if there are any problems the page will return with the problem fields highlighed in red. Again, if you are unsure why the information was rejected, you should click on the name of the field to get more information.

If you click on "Discard Changes" all the new information you put in will be removed, so some information will stay depending on what information was in the page when it last loaded.

If you click on "Clear All" the page will completely reset to the add more - so if you were in the edit mode (from "View Cameras") that information will be forgotten (but not deleted from the database).

If you press "Add This Camera" and pass the data validation you will be taken to an empty page and the camera data is added to the database. You can see it in "View Cameras".

View Cameras

This page will display all information about all your cameras. At the moment you can order by each heading (E.G. Make, Model, Type, etc) you can also click on some of the data to filter by that information. E.G if you have an "Eastman Kodak" you can click on the words "Eastman Kodak" to see a filter of all your Eastman Kodak cameras only.

In the future you will be able to reduce the number of headings so, for example, you can print off a list of your cameras without showing the price you paid for them. There will also be enhanced search options.

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