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This is Digitised Cameras, a website designed exclusively for vintage camera enthusiasts. This site offers services uniquely devoted to vintage, classic, collectable and antique camera collectors. Everything here has been designed by a camera collector for camera collectors.

This free site lets you record your personal camera inventory into a database that is private, secure and yours alone. You can record all the details of your camera collection in this online database and be able to access it from any internet enabled location! Additionally, the database offers full searching and customisation features.

There are plenty of features planned, the following features are now working:

  • Create your own free account.
  • Add, edit or delete cameras, lenses and misc gear in your own confidential and secure database
  • Add up to five pictures for every camera, lens and misc item in the database
  • View the cameras, lenses and misc gear in your database
  • Order the view by any of the fields
  • Filter the database for specific details
    • Filter for data by clicking on an example of the data you want to see
    • Sort that filter by ascending order in another field
  • Search the database for specific details in specific fields
  • Form to record lens details
  • Form for misc photo accessories (lightmeters, filters etc)
  • Filter your lens or misc gear database for specific details
More additions will come soon. Here are some of the planned features for later in 2006. Try a free trial by logging in with the username and password "test":
  • Advertise cameras for sale on this site
  • Import tab separated data
  • Create printer-friendly view pages

Okay, what's the catch?

At present the services of this website are free so there isn't really a catch. Users are encouraged to give plenty of feedback to help make the site better.

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